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Everything your dog needs for a long, happy, healthy  - and tasty! - life
Natural, organic, healthy food, bones, treats, and dietary supplements

From personal experience bringing up our own dogs, conversations with other pet owners at our store in Bondi Beach, and consultations and advice from leading veterinarians, both conventional and alternative/holistic, we are strong believers in the benefits of giving your pet the best nutrition and supplements available.

We have seen for ourselves how simple changes to a dog's diet can bring about enormous benefits in terms of overall health and vitality, often wihtin a matter of days.


We can supply you with all the nutritional products right for your canine (or feline friend), including:

• Brands recommended by leading pet nutritionists and alternative/natural/holistic experts and practitioners, such as Dr Ian Billinghurst's and Canine Country BARF Diet, Dr Bruce Syme's "Vets All Natural" 100% preservative free vacuum-packed chilled meats, Baliz Organic meats, vegetable power packs, organic bones and treats.

• The superb, independently top-rated ZiwiPeak range of dog and cat food and treats.

• Our carefully selected range of packaged and canned foods, treats and supplements from Canidae, Holistic Select, Organix and Chew2.

• Other leading dry food brands recommended by most conventional vets, such as Nutro Natural Choice, Advance, Royal Canin; Hills Science Diet, Eukanuba, and Iams.




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ZIWIPEAK - 100% Natural Dog Food

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