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Holistic Select Dry Dog Food from Eagle Pack

Eagle Pack: Nutrition You Can Trust
Eating Well through Tasty, "Whole Health" Ingredients

Eagle Pack Pet Foods pioneered holistic nutrition in the 1980s, by engineering a way to make a meat meal based food, removing soy from the formulas and meat meals to replace corn as the first ingredient.
Their Chicken Meal for example has no added hormones and is antibiotic free.
Grains are herbicide free.
They were the first to add nutritional supplements.
Eating Healthier With Inclusion Of Eagle Pack's Exclusive Combination Of “Wellness For Life” Supplements

Today’s world is focused on health and wellness supplements for people and pets.
Eagle Pack scoured worldwide research, consulted vets, nutritionists and respected breeders to see what they were recommending or adding to pet foods.
They determined which were effective and add them for your pet's benefit.
They include Prebiotics, Probiotics, Digestive Enzymes, SQM® Vitamins & Minerals, Kelp and many more.

Eagle Pack's Holistic Select brand offers hypoallergenic formulas, unique ingredients such as duck, organic quinoa, additional fruits and vegetables and additional holistic supplements.
Ingredients not perceived as holistic are not included.

Holistic Select Dog Food
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