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The feisty Chihuahua dog breed has entered the realm of popular culture. 
Celebrities carry them around in their bags and films have been made starring them. 
But before you bring one home, there are some things you should know about Chihuahuas...
  1. Chihuahuas need a lot of attention. Be prepared to play games, interact, and talk with your dog.  Chihuahuas are typically social dogs and they bond powerfully with their owners. 
    They generally do not enjoy being alone at home all day.
  2. If you have young children, the Chihuahua will compete with them for attention. 
    The dogs do not have much tolerance for noise, though they make a racket themselves. 
    They can also be biters, so it is sensible to have some betadine in the house just in case. 
    While they do not inflict serious damage most of the time, it is not a breed that makes sense if you have young babies.
  3. Chihuahuas do not like moving home.  So, if you're likely to move, you should consider a different breed.  If you do move homes, be prepared for an unsettled dog.  (You might find DAP or Vetalogica Tranquil formula helpful in this case)
  4. Chihuahuas can be highly territorial, and generally don’t like other pets in the home.  Sure, you can have a goldfish, but if there are other animals competing for your attention, your Chihuahua won't be happy.  Chihuahuas often stand up to dogs several times their own size and there can be a lot of disturbances if you have other pets in the home.
  5. Unlike the images that celebrities project with their “pocket pets,” Chihuahuas often don’t like to be carried around.  They generally prefer running, walking, and working, to being a fashion accessory.  
  6. Chihuahuas are not good travelers. 
  7. Chihuahuas like their own space.  As we said above, the dog is very territorial and can dominate its space. Be prepared for aggression if someone intrudes on what the dog has defined as its own space.
  8. Chihuahuas are jumpers.  They can jump up to a metre high.  Keep this in mind when you're stocking shelves and where you put or keep things in your kitchen.
  9. They get cold easily: the short hair and bony frame means that they don’t retain heat well.  During cold weather, buy sweaters and coats to keep them warm and make sure thay have a warm bed with blankets if needed.  You might find a Snugglesafe microwave heat pad a good investment.
  10. Chihuahuas are highly strung.  To keep them in line, it is important to keep their most common personality traits in mind when making training decisions.  Before buying a Chihuahua, know as much about the dog’s background as possible.


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