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Maltese Terrier

Maltese Terrier

The Maltese Terrier is one of the older of the breeds of European toy dogs, originating from the Isle of Malta in the Mediterranean, and is one of many breeds related to the Bichon Frise.

It is a compact and small dog, with long, silky white hair.

You will need to brush your Maltese every day, to keep his long hair from becoming matted. You must take care to be very gentle with his hair.

Life expectancy nine to eleven years.
The colour must be white, and the coat type very long, with a silky texture, and straight hair.

The average size of the Maltese Terrier is twenty to twenty five and average weight iseight to 13 kg.

Maltese are generally hardy dogs, although they can suffer from eye ailments and staining of the fur from tear runoff.

The lovely Maltese needs only moderate room for exercise. Since he is so small, he can get plenty of exercise in an apartment or a small yard. These dogs are spirited and playful, and they need lots of personal attention. They can be shy with strangers, but they are also very protective of their home and their family. They are better suited to live with adults rather than children, if only because they desire to be the child of the family.

The Maltese Terrier is good with children but not if the children are overly rough or abusive. They don't mix well with other animals, since they like to be the center of attention. They make a great dog for elderly persons who have plenty of time to devote to them. They are fairly quiet, unless they feel someone is infringing on their territory or threatening their owners. Then they may bark, and may even bite if provoked.

Their grooming needs are very time-consuming, but this will not be a chore for you if you have the time to devote to your Maltese.
They should be shampooed weekly, and brushed.
Pay special attention to the eyes, and keep them clean, or the tears will stain their white fur.

The Maltese is a beautiful dog when properly taken care of.
Their owners often like to use tiny ribbons or bows in their hair or around their ears, but this is a matter of personal taste, as the dog certainly doesn't require "dressing up", although they often enjoy the extra attention.




Maltese Terrier

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