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The ZiwiPeak Advantage

ZiwiPeak pet-foods measure up nutritionally because they:

Match your dog or cat's digestive system

1. Over the centuries dogs & cats have evolved their own anatomical specialisation, especially in relation to digestion by living of a raw diet.   It is evident in the ratio of gastrointestinal tract to total body length which is considerably lower than the omnivorous pig or the herbivorous sheep. This specialisation particularly suits a diet high in protein and fat and low in carbohydrates.

2. Avoid weight control difficulties
Recent studies in the United States reveal that as many as 40% of the nation's dogs & cats may be obese. The most common (but not only) reason is that they are eating over-large portions of higher carbohydrate foods and not getting the exercise they need to burn off the calories. Nutritionally sound, meat-based diets require less food intake by dogs and cats.

3. Fully comply with regulatory standards
ZiwiPeak 'Cuisine' is formulated by animal health professionals to ensure it fully complies with industry requirements (AAFCO) as a nutritious pet-food diet for dogs and cats.

4. Reduce flatulence and stool volume
Unlike grain-based diets, dogs & cats can more fully digest ZiwiPeak food because its the equivalent to a raw diet, thereby reducing the flatulence and stool volume associated with high carbohydrate diets. This is particularly advantageous for dog & cat  owners living in more confined urban environments such as apartments.

5. Are free of any preservatives, fillers or grains
A good number of cheaper pet-foods contain high levels of carbohydrates in the form of low quality grains and grain by-products. Add to this the popular use of preservatives, various colourings and a rich assortment of fillers and you have a sizeable line-up of commercial foods that are more likely to be hindering, rather than helping, your pet to achieve optimum energy and health.

6. Provide readily usable essential vitamins
Dogs & Cats are unable to produce minerals and can only produce some vitamins.They cannot, for example, synthesise sufficient Vitamin D to meet their requirements, so this vitamin needs to be incorporated into their diet. This is achieved by including foods in the diet that are rich in Vitamin D, such as liver and fish oil.

7. Contain valuable ingredients
Joint problems are more evident in some breeds of dogs than others. Ingredients like New Zealand mussel, and venison connective tissue (which provides digestible levels of Chondroitin and Glucosamine) are included in ZiwiPeak 'Cuisine' products to nutritionally support long-term joint health.

8. Offer your dog or cat wider nutritional benefits
As dogs or cats hunting in the wild would eat virtually the whole animal, and derive the nutritional benefits of consuming items like raw liver, heart, kidneys and stomach lining (tripe), these should also form a small part of a naturally healthy diet.   ZiwiPeak gives you this by feeding the equivalent to a raw diet.

9. Retain the original nutritional value 
For dogs and cats to derive the most benefit from their food, it is important to retain as much as possible of the original nutrition value during the processing of the raw meat pet-food. Air-drying the product to reduce the moisture (and thereby naturally preserving it), then sealing it in an airtight package, is an effective way of retaining the nutritional value of the protein and vitamins for your pet.

10. Mirror a 'wild raw meat' hunting diet
Despite parting evolutionary company with wolves and big cats over 10,000 years ago, dogs and cats still thrive on the sort of natural, predominantly raw meat diet they would ingest if they were hunting in the wild. A diet that stimulates optimum energy and good health. Highly processed foods and high levels of carbohydrates, on the other hand, cannot be easily metabolised by dogs and cats.