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New Kitten Checklist

Congratulations on your new kitten or cat.

When welcoming a kitten into your home, we have a few suggestions that will help make for a 
happy and healthy kitten, and safeguard your home.

Healthy Food
Cats are susceptible to a number of urinary and kidney problems which are directly related to diet.
Feeding a raw diet provides optimum nutrition, and can help with litter box odour.
Good canned food is a healthy alternative that is less processed than dry food.
We do not recommend feeding dry kibble as the primary food source for cats, but 
mixing dry food with canned or raw, or both can provide variety.
Look for a dry food that uses human grade ingredients, with no artificial chemicals or preservatives.
Parasite control products
Even indoor cats have been blighted by fleas in our warm humid spring, summer and early autumn months. 
We have a range of treatments to keep your cat free of flea and worms, and to help eliminate flea infestation from your home.Revolution for Cats is our most popluar product in this category.
Collar, Identification tag, leash and/or harness
A cat who is comfortable in a collar is easier to take places, such as for rides in the car, trips to the vet, or even for a walk around the block.
It also ensures that if your cat finds itself in trouble, the attached identification tag will ensure that it gets home safe.
There are many different litters available, and the ultimate decision will partly 
depend upon your cat.
We recommend a biodegradable litter, such as Oz-Pet, Asan ecological litter, or Breeders Choice, as they are better for the environment, or alternatively Catsan litter crystals which lock in odour.  We do not recommend clumping litter, as it has caused problems with cats ingesting it.
Cat Toilet, Litter Box and Supplies
Make sure the litter box is large enough for your cat to move around in and get comfortable.
A covered litter box will reduce the risk of accidents down the side of the box or on the surrounding walls.
Make sure you have a good sturdy litter scoop.
Many litters recommend a specific scoop for assurance of cleanup.
Urine-Off stain/odour neutraliser.
Kittens are very mischievous and love to play.
Have plenty of objects for them to bat around and ‘kill’.
Catnip toys are especially fun for many cats, especially those containing organic catnip.

Feather wands are an excellent way to interact with your new kitten to keep it active and develop skills.
You could also consider:
  - Balls – sponge balls or balls with bells in.
  - Laser toys.
  - Bubbles.
Treats Cats love to be rewarded with tasty morsels such as Feline Greenies or air-dried ZiwiPeak Daily Cat food.
Food and Water Bowls
We recommend ceramic or metal bowls.
Water fountains are a fun way to provide your cat with a clean, flowing water source for proper hydration.
 Cat Bed
Cats love a good nap.
Provide yours with a safe, quite place to retreat to.
 Grooming Supplies
Incorporate grooming as part of your feline routine, so that your cat will enjoy the attention.
Brushing it regularly reduces the risk of hairballs.

Longhaired cats should be groomed a couple times a week, while shorthaired cats at least 
once a week.
 Nail Clippers Most indoor cats will need to have their nails trimmed on a regular basis, and though most won't enjoy the experience, they generally learn to tolerate it.
 Chews Kittens need to develop their teeth and gums and providing them with bones such as chicken necks will give them a good, healthy way to keep their teeth strong and healthy.
Home protection
Cats can be highly destructive when they are bored or in a bad mood.
Protect your furniture and plants from clawing damage with Sticky Paws, and use deterrent sprays for other areas that you wan tot keep the cat away from. And be sure to have a good scratching board or post for your cat to exercise its claws on without damaging your home
Cat furniture
Cats love climbing onto and into things.
Check out our range of cat trees, cubbies, tunnels and other cat furniture.
Bedding, housing and household protection:
Pet bed or kitty cubby.
Scratching post, scratching pad, cat tree or other cat furniture to keep them occupied and safeguard your own furniture from scratching.
Sticky Paws to protect your furniture and plants.
Grooming Supplies:
Brush and/or comb

and don't forget ...
Make an appointment with a vet for new kitten wellness check up and for essential vaccinations...

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