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Driza-bone Dog Coat - The Genuine, Iconic Australian Article, for Medium sized dog

Driza-bone Dog Coat - The Genuine, Iconic Australian Article!

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Driza-bone dog coat

Driza-bone Oliskin Dog Coat
Flannelette-lined or Wool-lined.
The Original Genuine Article!

The classic Australian heritage brand, the Perfect Raincoat for Dogs, a long-lasting perennial favourite which comes with a 1-year guarantee, but should last for years.

Available with either stylish check or stripe flanelette lining for shower-protection, or with beautiful thick soft real wool lining for colder climes ($10 more).

Please note:  Drizabone have changed the pattern of the flannelette lining from that in the picture above.  
We are awaiting images of the new lining.

Driza-bone Dog Coat size guide

Measure your dog of the neck to the base of the tail.
Do not place the tape measure too far up the dog’s neck.
The base area is where the top of the coat sits while still lying flat on the dogs back, without riding up.

Size Length Girth Example breed
XXS 29cm/11in 42cm/17in Chihuaha
XS 34cm/13in 45cm/18in Miniature Poodle
S 40cm/16in 52cm/20in King Charles Spaniel
M 44cm/17in 55cm/22in Corgi
L 53cm/21in 67cm/26in Kelpie
XL 62cm/24in 80cm/31in German Shepherd
XXL 69cm/27in 90cm/35in Great Dane

Caring for Driza-bone oilskin dog coats

Driza-Bone displays its commitment to service and quality in the best way possible, by a twelve month guarantee anywhere in the world against any faulty materials or workmanship.
To validate the guarantee, your Driza-Bone needs to be worn and cared for in accordance with the care instructions on the label.

Although the traditional Driza-Bone garments can be hosed down or sponged with cold water, they should not be dry cleaned, washed with detergent or cleaned in hot water. If necessary they can be washed with pure soap in lukewarm water but the garment may then need re- proofing. In all cases please refer to the care label with each garment for detailed instructions.

Over the years of use, areas that appear lighter in colour on the traditional oilskin fabric indicate where re-proofing may be required. If you would rather not be parted from your Driza-Bone and you wish to re- proof the garment yourself, this can be easily done by purchasing our Driza-Bone Garment Dressing. There are full instructions on the can for the best results.

If you prefer, you may return your Driza-Bone coat to their Eagleby factory where they will carry out the necessary re-proofing at a modest cost.

1. First make sure you choose the correct size as undue stress, particularly on the seams caused by a too-tight fit, may allow water to penetrate.
2. Having purchased your garment, please carefully read the washing/care instructions to help prolong its life.
3. DO NOT wash with detergent or hot water, dry clean, starch or iron.
4. If the garment is extremely dirty, use pure soap only e.g. Sunlight, Lux. Hand wash in luke warm water, then re-proof the garment using Driza-Bone Garment Dressing.
5. Always sponge down outer fabric with cold water when soiled, brush off grit etc.
6. DO NOT store wet garments in a confined area.
7. DO NOT hang on radiators, expose to naked flames, or use artificial heat to dry.
8. DO NOT stitch through outer fabric. If garments require stitching, re-proof the damaged area immediately after it has been repaired.
9. ALWAYS hang garments in a dry, airy place to dry off naturally.

PRECAUTION: Be careful to ensure that the essential proofing does not mark other clothing or fabrics, particularly in unlined areas of the garment.

How often your Driza-Bone garment will need re-proofing depends on the amount and type of usage it gets.
To insure its long service, regular monthly checks are suggested to ensure there are no dried out areas where re-proofing has been worn away.
Use only original Driza- Bone Garment Dressing, as substitutes could harm the garment and invalidate the guarantee.

Name : Guest
Review : Love this coat! Have used the wool lined version for seven cold Canadian winters on my pointer and am back for a new one. We literally wore the coat out. Can't recommend it highly enough, it's fantastic!

Name : Anonymous
Review : Great Dane size & SUPER SPEEDY service SUPER SPEEDY service Online Shopper

Name : Anonymous
Review : Online Shopper

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