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Sticky Paws
Sticky Paws - Protection for your furniture and plants
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Product Description
Sticky Paws Furniture Strips

Sticky Paws Furniture Strips
24 Strips per pack, each 29 cm by 4.5 cm

Destructive cat scratching is one of the leading causes of cat abandonment and "requested" euthanasia.

Sticky Paws' products provide the most cost effective solutions to cat scratching behaviour and inappropriate elimination problems.

So easy to apply: ...simply pull off a strip from the brown backing sheet (shown in the left hand, above) - Apply where you don't want kitty to scratch, then peel off the WHITE "crack & peel" to expose the surface that the cats can't stand!
You have now protected your furniture!

Sticky Paws On-A-Roll™ works with the same "crack & peel" application, and can be easily cut to any length with the built in serrated knife edge.

Sticky Paws may damage certain surfaces (including, without limitation, wood finishes, painted surfaces, leather, vinyl, and wallpaper), so you should ALWAYS TEST a small piece of Sticky Paws on an inconspicuous test area before applying.

Sticky Paws is ineffective on surfaces treated with non-stick and/or stain-repellent products such as Scotchgard.

Sticky Paws FAQs

1. What problems does it solve?
Sticky Paws modifies cat behavior by making it unpleasant for the cat to be where Sticky Paws is - this includes everything from scratching furniture to helping control inappropriate elimination.
It will keep them off or away from anything that you want. It is applied to wherever cats like to go but shouldn't be.
It's been proven effective as a cat behavior modification tool to keep them away from stereo speakers, drapes, counter-tops, and even pillows.
Again, it also is proving highly effective in deterring inappropriate elimination!

See article by noted cat writer, Dusty Rainbolt - Peeing Outside the Box

(click link)

Additionally, it completely solves any moral dilemma about declawing cats, which is half of the reason theproduct was developed in the first place!
Don't declaw - use Sticky Paws!

2. Why does it work?
Cats cannot stand the way it feels on their paws.

3. How does it work?
Sticky Paws is applied directly to an area on furniture (or wherever you want it) in transparent adhesive strips.
This water-based medical grade adhesive, specially formulated for our product, does two things:

  • it keeps Sticky Paws where you want it by adhering to the surface of where it is placed and...
  • it repels the cats with the tacky feel they cannot tolerate.

4. How is it applied?
First, simply remove a strip from the brown application sheet.
Second, place the sticky side down on the area where you don't want kitty to be.
Third, (IMPORTANT) Crack and peel the WHITE BACKING away from the surface, leaving the transparent Sticky Paws in place.
(Click here to see the application photo.)

5. How long will it last?
The sticky property is what repels the cat.
If the stickiness is diminished for whatever reason, Sticky Paws effectiveness is also diminished. Dust, and hair will tend to collect on the adhesive over time, reducing the effectiveness and should be replaced about every three to five weeks.
The striking factor about Sticky Paws is that most cats tend to REMEMBER its placement - and it has been seen to be effective as a deterrent even after removal for as long as 3-4 weeks!
For those daring and smarty sweethearts that continue to try your patience, another application usually does the trick!

Sticky Paws is a chemical adhesive, and as such, it will change over time.
Adhesives react differently to sunlight, humidity and other environmental factors out of the manufacturers control.
Sticky Paws is no different.
Please follow the recommended time of replacement to avoid excessive adhesion to certain surfaces, such as leathers or woods with exposed grain. 

 Why should I buy Sticky Paws?
a) Won't harm furniture! Medical grade adhesive formulated especially for the needs of pets and pet owners, won't yellow fabric or leave sticky residue when removed..
b) Totally transparent so it won't ruin look of decor.
c) Medical grade adhesive won't harm cats! (When used as directed)
d) Only requires small strips placed on strategic areas to be effective.
e) Makes an excellent gift for cat loving friends!.
f) Cut to any length needed, works on hard to get to areas.
g) Inexpensive solution
h) Simple to apply and remove
i) Odour free
j) Trains cats to use their scratching posts!.

7. How do I take care of product?

Requires very little maintenance.
When the sticky property is gone, you simply peel the old application off....and put a new strip on.

8. How much do I need to use to be effective?

You don't need to wrap your couch in Sticky Paws for it to work.
Simply cut in small pieces and place in strategic areas - where you have noticed the cat likes to scratch...
All they need is to touch it once.

9. Once a cat has stopped going to an area, do I remove Sticky Paws?
No. Cats make a visual connection to Sticky Paws with the tacky feel on their paws, and because of this, never approach that area again.
HOWEVER, once they see the product has been removed.some cats are inclined to return.

10. Is there anything Sticky Paws won't stick to?
Some fabrics pretreated with any Scotch Guard (TM) or similar type product will make application difficult if not impossible.
Always test a small, hidden area if you have any doubts.

11. Won't Sticky Paws stick to humans too?
Of course. Adhesive is adhesive.
However, most cats scratch on harder surfaces, and lower down on furniture backs and legs, where humans don't sit.

12. Won't Sticky Paws attract dust, hair, etc.?
Eventually, yes.
But with ample amounts of product, it's simple to remove and reapply every six to eight weeks.

13. Can I use Sticky Paws on wood?
Because of different types of finishes, paints, age of furniture, etc., the supplier ALWAYS advises customers to test a small piece of SP on an inconspicuous place FIRST.

Use on open grained woods is not recommended due to possible splintering on removal.
Densely grained woods and those with lacquered finishes may work well, but we still recommend a test.

14. Can I use Sticky Paws on leather?
Again, the same advice given for application to wood, applies here.
Sticky Paws is an adhesive product.
For the most part, Sticky Paws works beautifully on leathers, but on the very delicate, buttery grains or on leathers that may be "thin-skinned," Sticky Paws is not recommended.

Please test a piece first in a hidden area.
The test should be carried out over several days, and then the test area carefully inspected after Sticky Paws has been removed.
Proceed according to your own judgement.

In addition, there is more information and a disclaimer on the packaging concerning this issue.



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