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New ZiwiPeak cans

 by ZiwiPeak Australia on 20 Mar 2013 |
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Now available - Smaller size cans of ZiwiPeak Dog and Cat Food

New from ZiwiPeak - 85-gram cans of cat food


ZiwiPeak Daily Cat 85-gram can of Venison

ZiwiPEak Daily Dog Cuisines, 170-gram of Tripe, Lamb & Venison

In response to demand from consumers and retailers, ZiwiPeak have now introduced smaller can sizes for both cats and dogs in all available flavours.

85gm Cat Can

In Cat cans up to 90% of consumer purchases are made in single serve for those customers wanting to open 1 can for 1 feed.
The new ZP can achieves this whereas the larger 170-gram can is useful for multiple cat families or larger cats.
We have already experienced an increase in new cat customers from the 85gm single serve so expect this to be a popular addition to the cat range in all of our outlets.
170gm Dog Can
The 170-gram Dog can has been introduced alongside the existing 370-gram as the market asked for a single serve Dog can for the smaller dogs – again same strategy as the single serve cat can. This has been a popular move with many small dog owners, who value the convenience more than the economy represented by the existing 370-gram cans.



Pricing of the original can sizes remain unchanged, and the new 170-gram dog can is priced the same as the corresponding cat cans.
The new smaller cans are priced as shown on the attached Order-Form/Price-List.

Order before 31st March and Save 10% or 20%

Order trays of 24 of the new 85-gram cat cans or trays of 12 of the new 170-gram dog cans, before 31st March and save 10% of the normal trade price.

OR, if you order at least one tray of each flavour of the new 85-gram cat cans, or at least one tray of each flavour of the new 170-gram dog cans, then you can save 20% off the normal price for every tray in that size that you order.



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