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Hemp Oil has finally been recognised as a true superfood with a vast array of nutrients considered to be important for good health. Hemp is quickly growing in popularity as a supplement for humans, but our companion animals can benefit from it just as much!
With so many health benefits, it's not surprising that so many hemp products are becoming available, but we've taken the time to find the best hemp-infused products for your four-legged friend, so you don't have to!


Why Hemp?
 Hemp contains Gamma-Linolenic Acid (GLA), a vital fatty acid which fights joint pain, improves skin and coat, helps with allergies, supports a healthy weight and metabolism, and has been shown to fight cancer. 

Hemp oil contains the ideal ratio of Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids - these two fats work together to control inflammation in the body. As an added bonus, Omega-3 also promotes good blood flow and improves organ function.

Hemp oil contains Vitamin E and Vitamin A - two antioxidants that help boost the immune system. Vitamin E also benefits skin, eyes, heart and cognitive function, while Vitamin A can help prevent urinary stones and fight cancer.

Hemp contains phospholipids, the molecules that for part of the outer membrane of cells in the body - they help the cell maintain its internal structure and environment. Dietary phospholipids have been proven to help reduce inflammation, arthritis pain and gastric acid, prevent tumour growth, lessen the risk of cardiovascular disease, boost immune function and repair liver damage. 
Hemp oil is rich in most minerals and trace minerals, which many dogs are deficient in
Hemp oil is cold-pressed, rather than processed with heat, making is more stable than other oils such as fish oil. Hemp is also a sustainable crop, and is grown without pesticides.

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