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From humble beginnings at Paddington Markets and Bondi Beach, Bowhouse began as a brick-and-mortar store, with both locations voted "Best of Sydney" for Dogs and Cats every year from 2007 to 2013.

We closed our Sydney shops in 2014 and moved online, where we stock many of our best selling products as well as a wide range of new pet treats, supplements and food varieties.
While we previously sold all kinds of pet products - from food to bedding to toys - we now specialise in niche brands for canine and feline consumption.

Our range of nutritious, pet-approved treats, supplements and complete meals are produced by small Australian or New Zealand businesses, from fresh local ingredients.

Our priority is your pets health, so you'll never see us stocking products containing fillers or low-quality ingredients.

We believe in the benefits of natural ingredients, and we know all pets are unique, which is why we stock a range of high quality products - we have something to suit the needs of any cat or dog, and we only sell the best, so you can shop with confidence.
Our store is only online, but you can often see us at pet events and shows nationwide. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to keep up to date with our upcoming events and latest product releases!

On an overcast, but unseasonably warm day, two men – Terry and Alan - took their two Great Danes for a walk through Bondi. By the time they had made it down the hill from their house, their dogs were panting, exhausted from the heat. They looked around the plethora of shops and cafes for somewhere dog-friendly and found nothing – in a suburb of dog lovers, they were shocked that there wasn’t so much as a single water bowl in sight.

“This is ridiculous,” Alan exclaimed, “we should just open a dog shop!”

Like a scene from a movie, as soon as he spoke the clouds parted and sunlight streamed down against the windows of an empty shop front, which would go on to become Bowhouse.

Terry and Alan were dog lovers, and like many dog lovers they didn’t have an extensive knowledge of pet nutrition – they fed the recommended generic ‘science’ based kibbles and trusted the claims printed on the packaging. After deciding to open Bowhouse, however, this changed; they wanted to offer only the best in pet nutrition, and immersed themselves in researching the optimal diet of both dogs and cats. Most notably, this research journey introduced Terry and Alan to ZIWI, which has been central to Bowhouse’s ever evolving product offering through the years.

After operating as a brick-and-mortar store for several years across two locations in Sydney, Terry and Alan had gained a wealth of knowledgeand a passion to promote natural pet food and treats that don’t compromise on nutrition. They wanted to educate more people about healthier alternatives to mainstream pet products, and make these options readily available for all pet parents, and so Number 1 (Australia) Pty Ltd was born. 

Beginning as a means of distributing ZIWI to pet specialty stores throughout Australia, Number 1 (Australia) has become the leading full-service national distributor of superior, natural pet products. Number 1 (Australia) caters to pet stores, vet clinics, independent grocers and other retailers who are committed to selling the safest, best, healthy natural products for pets - all sourced locally from Australia and New Zealand.

Living by the motto "Healthy Pets, Healthy People, Healthy Planet", the team at Number 1 (Australia) do all the hard work and the homework so their customers can stock the very best.

While Number 1 (Australia) has grown to service clients nationwide and has become synonymous with high-quality pet food and treats, Bowhouse still operates as an exclusively online store, stocking only carefully-selected brands. 

Despite undergoing many changes over the years, the core mission of Bowhouse has never wavered from that first day in Bondi - a refreshing change for pet owners, and their pets; an oasis of health in a market over-saturated with pseudo-foods and filler-laden treats.

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