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WAG Beef Jerky - $20.99

Beef Jerky is a single ingredient treat that's pure, natural, strong-smelling and full-flavoured, while being high in protein, low in fat and 100% meat.

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The perfect treat for pups of all ages and sizes! Wag Beef Jerky is rich in protein, lower in fat and made from 100% natural beef from Brazil, with no grains, soy or other additives.

WAG beef treats are pure, natural, strong-smelling and full-flavoured, while being high in protein, low in fat and 100% meat.

The chew is strong with this one, a deeper bite than other jerkies for super doggo dental health.

 Single ingredient beef jerky
 High in protein
 Low in fat
 100% natural and grain free

  Feeding Guidelines

While your furry friend would probably love to eat the whole bag, WAG treats are not complete diets,
rather a healthy snack in between meals. And even though steak is delicious, wouldn't you get bored
eating it all the time? Dogs are the same so mix it up. 

Once all of our treats have been opened or your doggo has taken their last bite, it is important to store them afterwards in a dry, cool place.
We suggest keeping them in an air tight container in the cupboard or the fridge away from humidity so it stays tasty and fresh!


 Crude Protein (Min.) 80.0%     
 Crude Fat (Min.) 2.0%         
 Moisture (Max.) 12.0%                       

  How it's made

Our treats are dried to perfection through a slow air-dehydration process. We remove the water and
moisture and add nothing back in but an extra rich taste that develops naturally on the way to a shelf
stable WAG bag.

So when we're talking about the benefits of single-ingredient treats, we don't put a white coat on
(that'd get dirty in two seconds, anyway), we mean it - 100% natural, grain free, additive free and
doggo-owner-guilt free.

Your best mate doesn't deserve anything second rate, so we use the best meat sourced locally
from the best butchers, only if we sniff out a better product elsewhere do we travel overseas.

No long labels. No mongrel ingredients. Our treats are as pure as our doggo love, the best down-under
to promote health all over.

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